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The Student Art Room is an educational site which aims to help students to be inspired and to excel in their Art GCSE and A-Level qualifications. We also aim to provide support to teachers, by sharing project ideas, lesson plans, schemes of work and examples of exceptionally high standard student work.



Art courses rapidly are growing in number, students and teachers value the opportunity to see examples of exceptional artwork. Standards have also increased with the new specifications and students and teachers want to be able to go above and beyond and reach the new band "Exceptional"



This site has been created by experienced art teachers who have had success in achieving high standards at GCSE and A-Level and have a proven track record in ensuring students achieve places at top Universities across the world. The Student Art Room features outstanding student art projects, celebrating the achievement of students, teachers and schools within the British Curriculum.



The site has been designed for you to explore the following main areas:


Student Artwork: This showcases exemplary student work from GCSE and A-Level and includes sketchbooks and final pieces

Student/ Teacher Resources: Student resources include artist images and help sheets, examples of student portfolios for universities, what an A* sketchbook/project looks like. Teacher resources include lesson plans, schemes of work, exam material:

Contact page: For students to ask for support or for students/teachers to contribute to the site.


We really value your contributions towards this site, everything has been provided completely free of charge. However, if you would like to make a donation towards this site, all donations go towards keeping the website up and running




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