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Photography A-Level sketchbooks

Are you addicted to your phone? How many times do you check your social media accounts?

We love this set of work created by A-Level Photography student who based her topic on the addiction to social media.
A thoughtful and intelligent project which she achieved a grade A for

Year 13 A grade Sketchbook

"Unusual Portraits"

Year 13 A grade Sketchbook

"Culture" explores the theme of cultural identity through portraiture

Year 13 A* grade Sketchbook

"Campaign Photography" explores the theme of chemicals in the water

A grade Sketchbook

Facial Expression Unit 2 Exam


A grade Sketchbook

Movement: The figure Unit 1



A grade Sketchbook

Memorable Places Unit 1

& Portfolio



A grade Sketchbook

Documentary Unit 1



A grade portfolio based on the theme Travel



Seb Porter Portfolio; A grade

Viewpoints Unit 1

Portfolio; A grade

Movement Unit 1

Transport & Travel Unit 2


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